Experience Change

Welcome to the Tabernacle!

It is our prayer that God will pour out His grace and anointing upon you and that His Holy Spirit will illuminate His word as you endeavor to draw closer to Him and to your purpose. We pray that He will empower you to persevere through all of life’s hardships and trials as He propels you into your destiny, for we know that He has called us to be mountain climbers—people of influence—overcomers who continue to press despite all opposition.

Additionally, my wife and I pray that your home and your everyday life will be a reflection of the joy, peace, and prosperity that God has promised to each of us, His children, who love Him and are the called according to His purpose. We declare blessing on you and your children, and we proclaim that life transformation, your metamorphosis, begins right now.

As you lie down to rest this evening, we pray for much more than sleep. We pray that God would begin to give you visions and dreams again. We pray that you would arise refreshed and invigorated with innovation. We look forward to partnering with you to be mountain climbers in the earth—those who will let their lights be ablaze on the mountain peaks so that our Father in heaven might be glorified.

We appreciate your love, your prayers and your support. You are so important to us.

Dr. Calvin and Christine Sweeney
Senior Pastors, Pinewood Tabernacle