Our Goal:

Our goal is to support your family in introducing your child to God, a loving Father, who desires to have a relationship with them and who has a purpose for their lives.


Your First Visit:

From toddlers to fifth graders, our team wants to give your child an experience he/she will never forget.

When you arrive, you’ll go to the check-in station where you’ll tell us a little about your child (like what allergies your child may have and what grade he/she is in) and a little bit about you (your contact information). Then, you and your child(ren) will both get a sticker with a matching code.  If for any reason, we need to reach you during the service, you’ll get a text letting you know what is going on.  This sticker will also allow you to pick your child up during or after the service.


Preschool (ages 2 to 5 years old)

In our preschool classroom, children learn to interact well with others and to build their faith through stories, play, crafts and songs that convey Biblical truths.


Elementary (grades K to 5)

In our elementary classroom, your child will experience dynamic worship and Biblical teaching.  They will learn about the Bible and how to have a meaningful and loving relationship with God and with others.  They will be challenged to memorize scripture and to develop friendships with others.